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How to be a professional poker player?

Some might speak of the poker explosion going on in today’s world; most would be referring to the resurgence in popularity this activity has received in the past decade or so, largely driven by its portrayal in a diversity of media, from music to film to novels.
How accurate the portrayal of the dewapoker industry is in most movies is irrelevant; the simple facts are for a professional player, poker can be quite lucrative, seemingly tedious yet rewarding when proper effort is applied.
How to be a professional poker player?
Calling the process easy would be a serious overstatement; yet one wouldn’t call it impossible, not with proper motivation and determination:
-The first thing one needs to consider is time, specifically the vast amounts of hours and days and weeks and months that you must log before deciding to plunge into the realm of professional poker. You’re looking at 500 hours or more of poker play, hopefully keeping immaculate statistics through which you can determine just how much you have been making or losing. It’s important to determine the feasibility of poker as a source of income, based on your skill level, before attempting your hand at professional poker playing.
-But, as one would assume, you cannot expect to indulge in serious poker playing without knowing the rules; understanding the intricacies of poker is key to beating the game. Learning the rules is nearly as important as choosing the best game for your skill level, through which you believe you can earn the most.
-Discipline is mightily important; because only with discipline can you expect to push yourself into injecting the enormous amounts of hours necessary to master the game.
-You need some savings, a considerable sum in fact; enough to live off of for at least six months. You cannot predict the tide of your luck or the capabilities of your opponents, not all the time; which means there will be victories and there will be losses. You will need funds upon which to rely on during bad days, weeks and months.
-Your bankroll should be significant, at least two hundred times the big bet, the idea being to have some money left over during negative swings.
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-You should always remember to set financial limits with regards to how much you are willing to lose, and can afford to lose over a given period of time; this taking into account how much you wish to make in the same period of time.
-You should first try your hand at smaller tournaments, before taking a chance at the big leagues; tournament play will differ from live play and it will not hurt your chances to rack up experience, possibly by studying the different strategies in play around you.
It is important to start small, take your time, only climbing each new step once you are certain of having gained enough mastery over the game to ascend. Patience, preparation and discipline are key.

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